Sustainability Approach and System

Sustainability Management

Under its mission statement and management principles, NSK aims to balance its contribution to resolutions for social issues with sustainable growth as a company by creating collaborative value with all stakeholders.

Mission Statement
NSK contributes to a safer, smoother society and helps protect the global environment through its innovative technology integrating Motion & Control. As a truly international enterprise, we are working across national boundaries to improve relationships between people throughout the world.

Management Principles
We will:

  1. Provide our customers with innovative and responsive solutions through our world leading technologies.
  2. Provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, utilizing their skills and encouraging their creativity and individuality.
  3. Identify the needs of the present and future, and meet these needs by being flexible, agile, and dynamic.
  4. Contribute to the communities in which we operate.
  5. Manage our business from an international perspective and develop a strong presence throughout the world.

Moreover, we have positioned fiscal 2022 to fiscal 2026, the period of the Mid-Term Management Plan 2026 (MTP2026) as a period for rebuilding NSK’s corporate foundation for sustainable growth. By undertaking the three key management tasks of “growth with profitability,” “enhancement of managerial resources” and “ESG management,” NSK aims to contribute to a sustainable world and remain a company that is needed, trusted, and continually chosen by society.

Also, NSK has formulated an SDGs Declaration and has selected seven key goals that are particularly interlinked with our business to contribute the achievement of SDGs by creating collaborative value with our stakeholders. While keeping these seven key goals in mind, the Company has drawn up the Declaration of NSK’s Initiatives as strategic initiatives with more clarity.

NSK's SDGs Declaration
Seven Primary Sustainable Development Goals Addressed by NSK
Seven Primary Sustainable Development Goals Addressed by NSK
Execution System

NSK positions safety, quality, environment, and compliance as core values and gives them highest priority in management decision-making and business activities.

NSK has established a Core Values Committee consisting of the president and related directors. The Core Values Committee identifies company-wide issues and discusses policies for promoting and strengthening the core values and, sharing relevant risks, makes recommendations and monitors progress on solving the issues.

Please visit NSK Corporate Governance Structure.