Sustainability at NSK


NSK Europe Sustainability Targets

NSK Europe, as part of the global NSK Group, is determined to deliver sustained increases in corporate value and to help build a sustainable world by pursuing advanced environmental practices.

Our greatest corporate social responsibility is to develop and manufacture high quality products that reduce energy loss in order to build an even more prosperous and sustainable world.

This is our NSK contribution!


  • Carbon Neutral by 2030 (Scope 1&2)
  • 20% reduction in supplier upstream emissions by 2026

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CO2 Reduction, Landscape


  • 13% reduction by 2026 (FY17 base)
  • 99% recycling rate by 2026

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  • 1% year on year reduction

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Environmentally Friendly Products

  • Use of NSK Eco-efficiency Indicator to assess products
  • >95% supplier sign up to NSK Green Procurement Standard.
  • Phase out lead from NSK brass bearing components by 2026

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NSK Initiatives toward Carbon Neutrality


NSK - Corporate Social Responsibility

The foundation of our corporate business is to be environmentally conscious and to respect Society's interests through innovative technologies. We believe this to be our duty and our responsibility.

This report outlines the NSK Group's daily operations and how they support societies around the world, with a special focus on the work done by individual employees.