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Neuweg (NWG)

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The Neuweg production facility has been fully owned by NSK since 1990. The plant, located in Munderkingen, Germany, makes approximately 3 million ball bearings for various standard and special applications annually.

All products are manufactured according to NSK standards under the NSK and Neuweg brands.

About 30% of all products that are manufactured at the Munderkingen site are marked NWG - the abbreviation for Neuweg.


This plant specialises in our full range of double-row ball bearings, which are found in all kinds of industrial applications, such as elevators, sports cars, motorcycles and film-making equipment.

At our plant in Munderkingen, we focus on several competence areas, in which the products are developed to meet the needs of our customers’ applications and market conditions. An example of this is the agricultural industry, which has special requirements for protection against dust, dirt and shocks. We have developed bespoke solutions that can cope with these harsh conditions. This product range for agriculture industry includes not just bearings but also fully built units like our Agri Disc Hubs.

Another area of focus is pumps and compressors. At the Neuweg plant, we develop and manufacture double-row angular contact bearings both in standard and special as well as QJ bearings (four-point contact bearings) also in a broad range of variants.

We additionally produce support rollers and pulleys in Munderkingen. These cover a wide variety of requirements. They are used in high-temperature furnaces for the steel industry, for example, as well as for the manufacture of plastic foils and flat screens.

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Short, regional supply chains

All Neuweg manufacturing takes place on-site in Munderkingen. This ensures the fast, smooth delivery of high-quality German-made products. Thanks to a high level of plant flexibility and batch production we are able to produce a wide product range even for modest lot sizes.

NEUWEG Fertigung GmbH | Ehinger Straße 5 | 89597 Munderkingen
Tel. +49 7393 540