Global Employee Interviews - Support Functions
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Interview 01

I am proud to work for a company that values its past while innovating for the future.

Management Support Department
NSK Korea
NSK Korea

NSK was my first job after graduating from university. What initially sparked my interest in NSK was the company’s 100 years of technology and an opportunity to work globally. While other Japanese companies hiring in South Korea put an emphasis on Japanese language ability, NSK looks for graduates who are the best in their chosen field. I saw an opportunity to grow with a company that values my skills and joined NSK with the desire to put my business degree to good use. Since joining NSK I have been given the chance to take several specialized courses my specific field of work as well as Japanese language training and bearing technology courses.

I work in the Management Support Department, which provides support for the company’s core operations. The department covers everything from business planning and human resources to logistics and IT. After working in the HR field about eight years, coordinating recruitment, evaluations, and improving employee engagement, I shifted to the business planning group a few years ago. Here I am in charge of establishing our annual budget and mid-term management plan with the cooperation with the plants, sales teams, and other key members. In today’s rapidly changing market environment, we are working to study our plans from all possible angles, and to set up an effective periodic review process for reporting to the company’s top management. We are proud that our efforts can help NSK make the right business decisions and continue to grow.

NSK is a stable company with a history that goes back over 100 years, as well as a future vision to set the future in motion and achieve sustainable growth. If you are passionate about growing and developing your career, NSK is a place that encourages you to grow as an individual, together with the company.

Interview 02

If you are passionate about your work,
NSK will provide the opportunity and support you need to lead a successful career.

Deputy Manager,
IT Department
NSK India
NSK India

Before joining NSK, I was working on mobile banking applications at a software company. The working hours were erratic, and I often had to work late nights to support clients overseas. I wanted to continue pursuing my career in software development, but I also wanted the flexibility to care for my family. I found this balance at NSK.

I am now working as a deputy manager in NSK India’s IT department. My team builds IT infrastructure and provides application support for internal systems used by our employees. As our workforce is required to process more data than ever and at much faster speeds, we in IT are feeling the pressure to speed up our development process. In response, we have introduced an agile development cycle to ensure our people get the tools they need as quickly as possible. Rather than following the traditional method which can take more time from planning to final delivery, we focus first on the core functions of an application which are most needed by the user and release those as a single package before building more on that base. We are providing new IT tools and solutions for our employees faster than ever, allowing them to focus on work that creates real value rather than being bogged down by internal systems and data entry.

The efforts of my team and I have been recognized by the company: recently I received an Employee of the Year Award for my efforts in this area. If you are passionate about your work, NSK will provide the opportunity and support you need to lead a successful career. Your achievements will be met with reward and applause.

Interview 03

At NSK, I continue to explore and develop my knowledge and skillset,
growing alongside a truly global and diverse company.

Yun Yun
Senior Manager,
Corporate Governance Department
NSK ASEAN and Oceania
NSK ASEAN and Oceania

After graduating from a Japanese university and working a few years in Japan, l was eager for a change and decided to return to Singapore. I was particularly interested in the city's position as a thriving logistics center for the region, and l wanted to pursue a career building connection across borders. NSK valued my vision and potential and offered me a position where l had no prior experience.

I have been with NSK for more than ten years and have worked in different departments. Throughout my first ten years, I worked in various fields related to business coordination and logistics. After learning the basics of aligning supply and demand through close collaboration with our production sites, l shifted to logistics, coordinating the movement of the finished product through warehouses and eventually to the end customer. Later, I led a team to manage regional supply and inventory control, and also focused on process improvement.

After learning the fundamentals of business operations, I was offered a chance to transfer to the corporate strategy department, where I took charge of corporate planning. In this role, I was given the opportunity to assist senior management in planning and developing the mid-term management plan to materialize the Company's vision and objectives. Such experience helped me to broaden my perspective and learn about the critical thinking skills required for management at the top level.

This July, I took on a new challenge and shifted to the Corporate Governance department. My current responsibilities include managing and improving corporate governance in the ASEAN and Oceania region, as well as supervising our group companies to ensure the Company's integrity, fair and open procedures, and compliance with statutory regulations and internal rules and guidelines. Another current key task is ESG management. I am working together with the main person in charge of NSK core values to promote ESG management, in order to help NSK lay the business framework for sustainable growth.

At NSK, l continue to explore and develop my knowledge and skillset, growing alongside a truly global and diverse company.

Note: Department names and job titles reflect those current at the time of the interview.