NSK by the Numbers

NSK by the NumbersNSK by the Numbers

Key Data


History image
Over 100 years strong
Founded in 1916,
NSK continues to innovate and grow


Employees image
(as of March 31, 2023)

Bearing Sales

(Industrial & Automotive)
(as of March 31, 2023)
Bearing Sales imageBearing Sales image
NSK is the No. 1 bearing manufacturer in Japan
by sales, and No. 3 globally

Sales by Business Segment

Sales by Business Segment imageSales by Business Segment image
Japan Americas Europe China Other Asia
Sales by Region 33% 18% 14% 20% 15%

Global Locations

(as of March 21, 2023)
Global Locations imageGlobal Locations image
Global Sites,
With sales, manufacturing, and technology sites around the world, NSK is a truly global company.
Join our team to work with and learn from a diverse range of colleagues with a wealth of expert knowledge.

of NSK Global Management College*

*Training program held since 2011 to develop successor
candidates for key global management positions
Graduates of NSK Global Management College image
We offer opportunities for our members around the world
to develop and grow in their careers

Patents Held
by NSK

(as of March 21, 2023)
Patents Held by NSK image
Our wealth of technical knowledge continues to grow,
providing the base for further innovation

Environmentally Friendly

(as of March 31, 2023)
Environmentally Friendly Products image
By incorporating new technologies and
materials such as bioplastics, our lineup of
environmentally friendly products is
growing year by year

CO2 Emissions Avoided Through
Use of NSK Products

CO2 Emissions Avoided Through Use of NSK Products image
2.29million t-CO2
Our advanced technologies and
products reduce friction and energy loss,
helping our customers reduce
their CO2 emissions

in GHG Emissions

(vs. FY2017)
Reduction in GHG Emissions image
We are also working to reduce GHG emissions
in our own operations, with the aim of
achieving carbon neutrality by fiscal 2035
(Scope 1 and 2 emissions)