Supporting the evolution of industry, from automobiles and home appliances, to industrial machinery, railways, and aerospace.

NSK’s broad lineup of products and services, including bearings and ball screws, has underpinned the development of countless industries for over 100 years. With our technical expertise cultivated over a century, we provide our customers with the right solution to meet their specific application requirements.

NSK's Businesses

Supporting Next-Gen Vehicles

In addition to bearings, we offer a range of value-added solutions to support the three primary functions of a vehicle: driving, steering, and stopping, as well as technologies and solutions tailored to CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electrification) and the diversification in mobility technologies.

  • 1Seamless 2-Speed e-Axle Concept

    Seamless 2-Speed e-Axle Concept

    This proprietary NSK technology combines a traction drive that further increases the rotational speed of the EV motor with a torque sensor that enables smooth gear shifting. The concept design helps solve key EV-related issues by extending vehicle range and enhancing driving performance, while contributing to ride comfort and drivetrain size/weight reduction.

  • 2In-wheel Motor with Wireless Charging Unit

    In-wheel Motor with Wireless Charging Unit

    A research group comprised of NSK, the University of Tokyo, and other companies succeeded in developing and testing a third-generation wireless in-wheel motor (W-IWM) capable of charging from coils embedded in the road while in motion. This system makes electric vehicles much more convenient by enabling them to be charged while the vehicle is in motion.

  • 3Ball Screw Actuator for Electric-Hydraulic Brakes

    Ball Screw Actuator for Electric-Hydraulic Brakes

    A low-friction ball screw improves brake response by enabling reliable high-speed operation and precise control. Integrated bearings and peripheral parts achieve compact size and low weight. The increased safety delivered by this product will contribute to the development of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), as well as to autonomous driving.

  • 4Steer-by-Wire Force Feedback Actuators (FFA) & Steer-by-Wire Road Wheel Actuators (RWA)

    Steer-by-Wire Force Feedback Actuators (FFA) & Steer-by-Wire Road Wheel Actuators (RWA)

    Steer-by-Wire systems eliminate the physical connection between the steering wheel and the tires, opening up new possibilities for vehicle design layouts, as well as for the autonomous driving systems of the future. NSK is currently developing hardware and software for safe and secure steer-by-wire systems, including force feedback actuators (FFA) and road wheel actuators (RWA).

Driving the Future of Industry

With the keywords of electrification, automation, digitalization, and environment, NSK is working together with our customers to leverage our advanced technologies to create new value.

Machine Tools
Machine Tools
  • 1Next-Generation High-Durability Precision Ball Screws

    Next-Generation High-Durability Precision Ball Screws

    NSK's ball screws, which make high-precision positioning possible, underpin high-quality manufacturing worldwide. Using advanced simulation technology, we have deciphered the frictional characteristics of ball screws to achieve high-precision motion and reduce dynamic frictional torque. We will continue making further advances in high-precision machining and energy conservation, both technologies that will be increasingly required in the future.

  • 2NSK Linear Guides™

    NSK Linear Guides™

    NSK Linear Guides™ are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in various types of production equipment such as semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment, automotive manufacturing equipment, conveyor robots, and machine tools. We have achieved longer service life by designing rolling surface geometries that optimize the distribution of contact pressure between the rolling elements (balls and rollers) and the raceway surface, thereby improving reliability. Going forward, NSK Linear Guides™ will contribute to further automation, such as in smart factories.

Wind Turbines

Large cylindrical roller bearings (for gearboxes)

Large cylindrical roller bearings (for gearboxes)
The bearings used in wind turbine generators are huge, measuring nearly 2 meters in some models, and are required to operate faultlessly for some 20 years in harsh environments such as offshore locations as replacement of components is difficult due to the high elevation involved. NSK reduces maintenance burdens in wind turbines through its highly reliable products combined with condition monitoring technology.
Medical Devices

Miniature Precision Ball Bearings for Dental Drills

Miniature Precision Ball Bearings for Dental Drills
NSK's QuickStopBearingTM capable of ultra-high speed rotation are used in dental handpieces (air turbines) used by dentists. Two ultra-precision bearings with an inner diameter of 3.0 mm, outer diameter of 6.0 mm, and a thickness of 2 mm are incorporated in these devices, which rotate at the incredible speed of 400,000 rpm. The ultra-fast and precise rotation of NSK's bearings ensures that the handpiece rotates stably and reliably, helping make treatment safer and more efficient.

Creating a Sustainable Society

At NSK, we are working to leverage our technological strengths to develop new technologies and products, and to create and propose new value to society.

Bioplastic Bearing Cages

Bioplastic Bearing Cages

Bioplastic Bearing Cages
  • NSK developed the world's first bioplastic cage for rolling bearings

  • Plant-derived material reduces lifecycle CO2 emissions by 90%

  • Achieved 66% faster development time with new NSK dual-perspective (digital twin) development approach.

Heat resistance has proved an issue with plastics made from renewable biological (primarily plant) resources.NSK's bioplastic bearing cages can be used in high-temperature environments up to the 120°C range, helping reduce CO2 emissions from raw materials and contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality.

Transport Robot for Medical Institutions

Transport Robot for Medical Institutions
  • Enables safe transport of heavy loads without physical strain.

  • Helping transform work styles in the medical field

NSK has lent its technological capabilities to a project by Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and reducing the burden on healthcare professionals by using robots to reduce person-to-person contact. We developed a robot that can help to move stretchers and beds, featuring a motor drive, smooth acceleration and deceleration, and the ability to turn in tight spaces. We invite medical professionals to test using a stretcher fitted with the robot, and based on the feedback received, our engineers are continuing to make improvements to the design.

Transport Robot for Medical Institutions
Motor Hub with Variable Pitch Mechanism for Large Drones

Motor Hub with Variable Pitch Mechanism for Large Drones

Motor Hub with Variable Pitch Mechanism for Large Drones
  • NSK's advanced technology for motors contributes to improved aircraft stability and cruising range

  • Future application in helping to solve societal challenges such as urban traffic congestion

Anticipation is growing for the commercialization of "flying cars" as an alternative means of transportation to replace conventional automobiles. NSK has developed a motor hub unit for drones that allows precise adjustment of the blades (wings) and pitch angle. This enables highly responsive thrust (lift) while optimizing energy efficiency, contributing to improved aircraft stability and cruising range.