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NSK Vision 2026

Setting the Future in Motion

We bring motion to life,
to enrich lifestyles, and to build a brighter future.
Dedicated to uncovering society’s needs,
we set ideas in motion
to deliver solutions beyond imagination.
We’re NSK.
And, we’re setting the future in motion.

In 2016, NSK celebrated its 100th anniversary. NSK Vision 2026 was established the same year to convey our aspirations for the next 10 years, as the first step on our journey through another century. At the center of Vision 2026, the message “Setting the Future in Motion,” represents our commitment to bringing safety, reliability, and comfort to people's lives—enriching lifestyles and building a brighter future through our products and services across our automotive business, industrial machinery business, and a wide range of other business fields.

Have what it takes to build the future? Join the team that moves the world.

NSK Corporate

NSK contributes to a safer, smoother society and helps protect the global environment through its innovative technology integrating Motion & Control™. As a truly international enterprise, we are working across national boundaries to improve relationships between people throughout the world.

Our Strengths

Multi-Field Leader

Ever since NSK became the first company in Japan to produce bearings in 1916, we have continued a strong tradition of R&D pursuing the leading edge of technology. The result? Today, we are the largest bearing manufacturer in Japan and the third largest globally. We are also the largest supplier of ball screws and a market leader in linear guides and electric power steering (EPS). We boast a broad range of world leading products, making us a one-stop shop for all our customer’s needs. We have strategically diversified into a number of business fields, including automotive and industrial machinery: our two primary business units. This diversification keeps us strong even in tough times, with one side of the business covering for the other.

Company Culture

In a world where component suppliers are often tied to a single large customer, NSK has always maintained its independence. We set our own business strategy to build on inter-field synergies and create new products and services unlike anything before, adding value across an astonishing range of industries, from heavy machinery to semiconductor manufacturing to home appliances. How do we achieve this? NSK company culture is rooted in “Do-It-Yourself” DIY spirit. Our elite team develops in-house leading-edge technology that we expand across our range of businesses, challenging ourselves to innovate at every step. The result? The NSK brand is globally renowned for high quality and reliability, and we place among the highest sales of all independent component makers based in Japan.

Global Strategy

NSK has been expanding globally since the early 1960s, preceding many of our competitors. We established a sales office in the US in 1962 and quickly followed with regional headquarters, plants, sales offices, and technology divisions across the Americas, Europe, China, and Asia-Pacific. In recent years, we've opened new sales offices in Russia and Dubai, expanded our production sites in China, and became the first Japanese bearing maker to open a plant in Mexico. We operate technology centers around the world to dynamically respond to developments in the global business environment and flexibly serve our customers. Our global network and local proximity to key industries is a critical factor to our success.

NSK by the Numbers

NSK by the Numbers NSK by the Numbers

Four Core Technologies

100 Years of Technology:
Setting the Future in Motion

For over a century since our founding in 1916, NSK has focused efforts on R&D, developing new technologies and raising product quality. Having grown into a leading company in bearings, automotive products, precision machinery and components, and other fields, NSK's technological capabilities are based on four core technologies: tribology, materials, simulation, and mechatronics.​ Products and technologies developed on the foundation of our Four Core Technologies contribute to the advancement of industry and to further enriching the lifestyles of people around the world. Going forward, NSK will continue to develop leading-edge technologies and high quality products and services that meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Core Technology 1: Tribology

Improving Performance by Optimizing Friction

Tribology is the study of the friction and wear of contact surfaces in relative motion, such as rotating parts that endure enormous forces with a thin oil film. At NSK, we apply our expertise in tribology to develop new greases, design surface microstructures, develop surface processing technology, and optimize the structural design of products and components on an application basis. Ultimately our efforts realize superior performance by offering lower friction, higher-speed rotation, quieter operation, enhanced durability, and reduced energy consumption. Above all, we help make the vision of our customers a reality.

Comparison of Steel Bearing Ball Sphericity

Pachinko ball vs. standard-grade ball

Standard-grade ball vs. precision ball

A bearing’s performance relies heavily on ball sphericity.

Core Technology 2: Materials

Superior Performance for Any Application

Bearings are subject to severe operating conditions such as high loads, speeds, and temperatures. Contaminated environments, electrical erosion, and low or no-maintenance use (think satellites in space!)​ also pose unique challenges to overcome. The solution? Better materials. Materials research and development affects nearly every aspect of product performance. Through careful selection of material composition, heat treatment, and use of ceramic materials, NSK optimizes product performance on an application basis. This may be through improvements in material function, endurance, reliability, or even through improvements in cost effectiveness, production efficiency, or reduced environmental impact.


Typical Progression of Bearing Failure from Impurities in Material

Typical Progression of Bearing Failure from Impurities in Material

Core Technology 3: Numerical Simulation

Transforming Blind Risk into Trusted Reliability

In the past, accuracy and reliability in product development were achieved through experience-based design and extensive testing. NSK's simulation technology allows for virtual validation to accelerate design and production. Digital prototyping allows extreme conditions or innovative designs that defy previous expectations to be rapidly evaluated and analyzed. NSK simulation technology is backed by big data: over a century of meticulously recorded research data, test results, and product experience—a valuable edge on the competition, and a boon to our valued customers.

Lubricant Flow in Tapered Roller Bearing

Lubricant flow in tapered roller bearing

Core Technology 4: Mechatronics

Enriching Lifestyles,
and Creating a Brighter Future

Mechatronics refers to the combination of mechanics and control technologies. NSK has cultivated knowledge of mechanics through years of product development and production. This knowledge is used to integrate motors, sensors, actuators, and electronic control units to develop mechatronic systems that add new functions, improve reliability, and increase performance, all while improving convenience and safety in our daily lives.



NSK’s broad lineup of products and services has been supporting the development of countless industries for over 100 years. With our technical expertise cultivated over a century, we provide our customers with the right solution to meet their specific application requirements.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
NSK Ltd.
November 8, 1916
67.2 billion Japanese Yen (as of March 31, 2020)
Head Office
Nissei Building, 1-6-3 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8560, Japan
Akitoshi Ichii, President & CEO
Employees (Global)
30,747 (as of March 31, 2020)
Sales (Global)
831.0 billion Japanese Yen (Year ended March 31, 2020)