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Ball Screws with Nut Cooling

Ball Screw, Nut-Cooling, 874x555

Nut Cooling can simplify ball screw cooling to help make machine tools run faster and more precise. Cooling capacity greater or equal to existing hollow-shaft ball screws is achieved. No sliding seals or rotary joints are required. Dimensions for mounting area are identical for HMD nuts; therefor the nut cooling can be implemented without changing machine designs.

Condition Description

  • High Accuracy
  • High Load
  • High Speed
  • High Temperature
  • Low Noise


  • Machine Tools
  • Steel & Metals
  • Woodworking

Product Features

  • Highly effective cooling:  Optimized nut cooling mechanism gives cooling capacity ≥ than hollow-shaft ball screws
  • Innovative internal design: Preload torque does not increase even if the nut is cooled
  • Improved handling: Achieved by attaching piping to the outer periphery of the nut flange removes need for sliding seal & rotary joints


  • Low cost, compact design and simple cooling mechanism
  • Equivalent or better compared to hollow shaft cooling
  • Controlling heat by high speed is essential for machine tools requiring accuracy in microns
  • Effective cooling of the ball screw, heat transfer to the table is blocked.
  • Nut cooling can be implemented without changing machine designs for HMD nuts.

    For others nut designs please contact NSK engineers who can advise you.